Hills and Sprints

My legs feel like jello… I did hills and sprints today over 2 miles and it was KILLER. But I’m trying to ramp my mileage back up this week and next before I settle into my half marathon training. It was so nice outside I could wear long sleeves and shorts!! Maybe even shorts and a tshirt tomorrow! I’m super excited. This new ab regime has made my core a lot stronger but I’m still waiting to see some toning results. Yesterday I did a 5k, but I was dumb and hadn’t drank water the night before and I was SOOOO dehydrated. Big mistake. I drank so much more water when I was training really hard and when I hurt my foot and was pretty lazy I really stopped drinking the same amount of water. Granted it was really annoying to crutch to the bathroom all the time those first 2 weeks!

It’s so hard to rack up miles and practice how I want to for my grad school audition. Bass always has to come first so getting good distance in my runs has fallen to the wayside. I really hope after doing maybe 10-12 miles this week and another 15 next week. I can get myself in better condition because half marathon training starts the day of my last grad school audition. YAY! Isn’t that awesome how life works out so well like that?? But I also read that hardcore violin playing burns like 500 calories an hour….so bass players have to burn more than that in epic practice sessions right? No offense but our instrument is way more physically demanding. Bass as a way to get even more fit…I like it. I sure got a workout carrying my bass through the airports this weekend.

Mileage -2 miles

QOD  – The harder you work, the harder it is to surrender.


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