I’ve magically lost like 3 lbs since I came back to school this semester?! whoop whoop can’t complain, because that puts me closer to finally losing those last 10 or so lbs I wanted to knock off, but never happened while I was on WW. That weight loss definitely wasn’t going to happen during marathon training – a girl’s gotta eat on long run days – so before I start training for the Marine Corps Historic Half (REGISTRATION STARTS WEDNESDAY!) I want to finally finish this weight loss goal I started a long time ago.

Ironically about all this I haven’t been running a lot, at most maybe 3 miles a day, or on some days not running at all – just doing abs, yoga, and maybe some leg work/jumping jacks in my room. BUT I have really stuck to the whole eating clean plan. Aside from one meal out last night, I’ve been cooking my own food in my new crock pot (THANKS MOM AND DAD) and nothing is processed except for my pumpernickel bread, some of my food is even organic or all natural, and I’ve really cut back the red meat. I didn’t really notice the weight loss, but I have noticed just feeling generally better – less sluggish, tired,  and frustrated. So I’m hoping to continue this eating plan once I kick the running back into high gear because now that I’ve done the marathon and lost the weight, it’s all about time improvement, fitness level, and some hardcore sculpting. I don’t want to be jacked or anything, no body building for me, but being more tone and in shape is going to seriously help my bass playing I think. Especially good core, back, and shoulder strength. More muscle means more weight I can put into the instrument with a greater ease and less tension through my arms.

Mileage – 2ish? miles

QOD – Living a healthy lifestyle will only deprive you of poor health, lethargy, and fat.


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