Stomach Virus to Ring in the New Year!

I was well until about 5am into the new year. Then it was shakes, chills, vom, and etc. The usual 24-48 hour bug symptoms.

This afternoon I was feeling better, I had kept down all my food, and the sky looked pretty, despite it being cold. Obviously, that means I’m interested in going for a run. Alas my first run of the new year was not to my liking. I almost vommed around mile 2 so I quit there, I figure that’s substantial enough to keep my lungs in gear.

But I am excited about my winter running because I think I’m going to buy some YAKTRAX….which are chain like things that you attach to your running shoes to prevent falling/slipping in ice and snow during runs. As a certified klutz I am also looking forward to using these on all my shoes to walk to school when JMU refuses to delay or close because they are oblivious to all of us who commute — particularly by foot.

So I will finally do my race recap soon, seriously, honestly, I promise. I’m going to make a shadow box of my medal and race bib, bad ass-ery mixed with domestics. YESSS.

Happy 2012 🙂

Mileage – 2ish miles

QOD – Unless you puke, faint, or die, keep going.


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