Down to the Wire

As I continue to blow my nose and feel pressure in my sinuses I’ve decided choking on mucus or not, I’m running this marathon on Sunday. I’ve been training for nearly 7 months, spent my own money on this race, and planned so many things around THIS race, that I am 100% determined to do it. So this week I’ve logged a few miles to get myself loosened up again and get my joints moving on the pavement. I plan to run 2 more time, short distances, before the race on Sunday. I’ll definitely be on the elliptical too.

I’m really freaking nervous. I have 4 days until the marathon…it’s crazy trying to finally figure out where to meet up with my parents on the course to throw them the long-sleeve shirt I’ll start in because it’s cold or what markers I’ll want to stop at for water. AHHHH I just want it to be here and over with so I can stop stressing about it. My heart is in a tangle over this race.


Mileage – 2miles

QOD – What distinguishes those of us at the starting line from those of us on the couch is that we learn through running to take what the days give us, what our body will allow us, and what our will can tolerate.


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