Good thing I don’t need a voice to blog…mine is almost entirely gone. Awesome.  After fairing pretty well this semester, a few days of sniffles barely hit me, I’ve been smacked by a full blown cold. Sunday I lost my voice and pretty much spent most of the day blowing my nose. Despite being a great show (towards the end, YEAH JOSH TURNER!) standing in the cold in shorts probably didn’t help my situation…

So today I continued coughing, choking on post nasal drip, blowing my nose, avoiding speech, and feeling generally crappy. But thanks to Dayquil I managed to make it through the day and even got in some cross training. I did abs and did interval training on the elliptical for almost an hour which I think will really help me stay in it since I’ve been out of running commission for awhile now. I mean I know I’ve built up the running ability over the past 7 months, but not running really hits my confidence. It’s all about the mental challenge.

13 days!!!

Mileage – cross train

QOD – Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.


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