23 = TAPER TIME!!!

Today I ran my last long run before my taper begins. 23 MILES!!!

I honestly didn’t think I could do this when I started running after I signed up for this race. Well actually I did think I could finish, but not in the time it’s looking like I could accomplish. Finishing my 23 miles in 3:51 puts me finishing the race at about 4:30. That’s an hour under my goal time of 5:30, which I set because the average woman can finish in 5:34, so I’d like to beat that. I would make my goal 4:30 at this point but I don’t want to push myself and get disappointed.

This morning it was about 45 degrees outside and raining, on and off, but with some force the entire time I was running. GROSS. I also had forgotten to buy chews (which I had tried to remind myself a million times) so my energy was two tootsie rolls and some pretzels. Around mile 19.5 I thought I was going to die, I finally hit that block I’d been reading about. It was miserable, I stopped back at my house around mile 20.5 and gave in and put on my iPod. I know, I know. I’m supposed to be doing this without music….but without the adrenaline of a race and the lack of energy, I really needed it. It pulled me through to mile 22, where all the sudden, I felt so much better. Knowing I finished strong at 23 miles will really mentally help carry me through that road block on race day.

Also, I ran longer at Purcell than usual and the wet gravelly path REALLY sucked and I’m not doing that again. Also, I already set my alarm for buying chews several days before the race, so I won’t forget them. In conclusion, my taper has finally begun and only 27 days until the race!!!


Mileage – 23 miles

QOD – People tell me I’m insane. I don’t try to change their minds. I just run.


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