Sun and Weather are confused.

So today, it was pretty cloudy and cool all day. Around 7pm I go out for an evening run. It is the first time I’ve run late in the day in a very long time. About 2 miles into my run….it’s suddenly dark and HOTTER?! Yes that is correct – the darker the sky got, the more hot and humid it became outside. Unacceptable. Alas it is now too late in the year to run in the evening without my reflective vest that my very thoughtful boyfriend gave to me. But tomorrow is my rest day from running, and I get to swim, so if it is hot outside, AWESOME, if not, AWESOMER. FALL IS ALMOST UPON US!!!

Also, I just surfed around the MCM website today I’m pretty excited. 38 days!


Mileage – 6 miles

QOD – Happiness is doing what you love, not an end goal to be achieved.


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