Only 7 miles away!! Yesterday I ran an exciting 19.2 miles. My first 16.1 or so were done on my own. Let me say I began my run in relatively cold, foggy drizzle. The entire first mile I was thinking to myself that I could be curled up in my bed with a delicious egg and cheese sandwich or watching HGTV in my comfy arm chair with nutella and peanut butter on toast. Instead, I was running. Eventually those thoughts disappeared and I really got into it. Actually I felt so great I didn’t even need to stop for water or a bathroom break until 8.5 miles in. Then I just kept running around H-burg/the park until I went onto campus and participated in the JMU Triathalon club’s Donut Dash.

This 5k race involves several donut stops along the route and your goal is to eat as many as possible. For every donut you eat, you knock minutes off your time. Unfortunately, 18 miles in for the day and having eaten 2 donuts, I was nearly done. It was basically just the adrenaline that carried me to the end of that race. But I definitely can feel a difference when running alongside other people and I’m excited that that will keep me going during the marathon. I stretched a lot and basically laid down and did nothing the rest of the day, at least I tried to move as little as possible. My hips don’t even feel bad really, just an occasional ache. I think after shrieking in the cold shower yesterday following my run I’m going to stick to a hot bath tonight.

Hopping on an elliptical later today to flush out some bad toxins and read my homework, get some energy going and a little strength training in.


Mileage – recovery day!

QOD – It always seems impossible until its done.


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