12 minute swim….

To sum up my past few days

Saturday – 18 miles attempted, only 14 miles completed. my hip bursitis really flared up and I was definitely in some pain by the end of 14 so I cut it short to be safe.

Sunday – I rested, my legs hurt a lot.

Monday – I ran around campus, alas it was not part of my training.


Today I woke up, hopped out into the AMAZING chill for a brisk 2.5 miles just to get my body warmed up. Did some yogaaaa. Planned out my meals for the day so I can actually stick to this training eating plan. And then I went to GKIN. So I took the swimming section of GKIN so that I could get myself back in the water because I’d like to start training for triathlons after the MCM. Today was our cardiovascular test of seeing how long we could swim in 12minutes. I would’ve really liked to have passed the “High Performance Zone” bench mark of 600yds but unfortunately, I only did 500 yds so I am in the “Good Performance Zone”. I definitely think my distance running helped, but it goes to show you, not all cardio activities are created equal and I definitely need to work on my swimming skills.  Also, I’m going for a 21 miler on saturday…hopefully my hip will be nicer to me this week!

Mileage – 2.5 and cross-training

QOD – The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a person’s determination.


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