Running in the Rain!!!

Surprise!! It’s fall apparently….So yesterday (I know I should’ve blogged about this yesterday, but I suck at this) I went out and ran in the rain and it was amazing. Although I did wear a cold gear top because I felt pretty chilly at first – big mistake, I was SOOO hot by the end of the run. I like 5-8 milers around Harrisonburg because I get a much better feel for my flat speed because I can map out routes with little to no incline. Columbia was a nightmare trying to find flat runs. Anyways, today is a big week… I have to run my first 21 miler…so basically I’m trying to mentally prepare myself all week. I think I’m kinda psyching myself out though, so I guess I’ll focus on making it through the week first. I guess that’s all for now…

OH! I had no idea how many people actually read my running tangents. But as people talk to me about it… I just wanted to say thank you for reading :)! you guys are awesome.


Mileage – cross training

QOD – Exercise and application produce order in our affairs, health of body, cheerfulness of mind, and these make us precious to our friends.


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