Today I sunburned on my run. It was especially bright and sunny…. but the best part is that my red spots match with how I hold my arms when I run. Adorable I know. Anyways… I wasn’t interested in running today. But Allen accidentally talked me into it, then throughout my run various people (such as Chelsea) drove by me while I was running and it was a real motivation to get it done.

I cruised today despite the heat. I ran a 2:12 half?!?!?! Shock and awe for me, I never imagined running that fast. That puts me nearly 45 minutes ahead of my goal time for the marathon. AWESOME! And yes there were 2 breaks in there. But if it hadn’t have been hot, I really wouldn’t have needed them at all. So now I’m exhausted. Bedtime.


Mileage – 14 miles

QOD – Run like hell and get the agony over with.


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