3 Things I Don’t Like….

Sure, people complain about being sore, their muscles hating them, difficulty walking up and down stairs after a long run…but none of those things bother me. I mean you did choose to go running. However, there are 3 less than fabulous after effects of running that I really don’t like.

1) The feet blisters….My toes look like a pointe dancers. My toes are bruised, peeling, cracking, just generally gross. The rest of my feet are fine, need the occasional massage but my toes are so gross. And considering I hate wearing shoes it’s hard trying to keep my toes looking normal. Painting some hotpink nail polish on my toenails should help I guess.

2) The need to sit in a bath of ice or spray your legs with water at Arctic temperatures. I hate cold water. I have a pretty powerful aversion to it, and the fact that freezing water is the first step to recovery for your muscles….is not my favorite thing about this sport.

3) Guys don’t have to worry about this… but running is the most damaging activity to a woman’s breast tissue. If you aren’t out there with the best, most constricting sports bra or running top, not only will they hurt, but it’s damaging your breast tissue for later in life. Tears, pulls, rips. Wish I knew that one before I started…

Despite all these, I think I’m still hooked. Running it is. Anyways, I’m back to running in H’Burg and it’ll be nice to have some people to hit the pavement with (Chelsea!)


Mileage – 8 miles

QOD – I don’t believe in a burnout. I believe in losing your appetite.


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