Rest Week!

This week begins the lovely rest week in my cycle of every month. While I’ve had to take a minor rest for injury recovery, it’s not the same as knowing you aren’t missing any runs and the 5 miles every other day are meant to be nice and easy. My easy week will abruptly end however, because my next long run is a 20 miler. Since I missed my  first 18miler due to injury I think I might knock this run back to a 17 or 18 mile long run so I don’t overdo it. I also like rest weeks because I get in a lot of great cross training and this is the perfect week for it since I am working a decent amount. I can’t believe the race is really less than 3 months away. I am really hoping I’ll make it haha weird to say since I’ve been working on this so long, and I do think I can do it, I’m just really going to have to work on time management from here on out.


Mileage – cross training

QOD – A man’s health can be judged by which he takes two at a time – pills or stairs.


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