Sarah: 2.5ish vs Sun: 1

So today was my long run day….well ACTUALLY yesterday was my long run day, but it was still supposed to be in the 90’s yesterday so I pushed it to today where the high was only supposed to be 85. That temp is totally manageable if it’s not reached until, ya know 2pm, however, it is already 87degrees at 10:30am. I needed some rest after a 7.5 hour shift at work yesterday so I didn’t wake up until 6:45am and that was apparently too late. So I didn’t finish all 16 miles, that’s where I give the sun his point, however I did knock out 9.5miles and I’ll take that. I kinda stopped sweating which can be a sign of dehydration so I didn’t finish up on the treadmill, like I had originally thought I could.

Last week because of the heat I ran every one of my runs on a treadmill. I hate the treadmill, I want the heat to go down. That’s my little rant.

Mileage – 9.56 miles

QOD – Success isn’t how far you got, but the distance you traveled from where you started.


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