14 miles!

So, I continue to suck at keeping up with my blog. But with the marathon 3 months and 11 days away I figured I might as well just keep going. There’s so much I failed to post! In the time that I’ve been absent from my blog I have:

– Gone to Italy!

– Worked JMU’s Summer Band Camps

– Ran my first long run LONGER than a half-marathon!

My 14 mile run on Sunday was a huge morale booster for me. I was more than the halfway point, and that really showed me I can actually finish this marathon. I definitely had a lot to figure out before that run, and am continuing to figure out. I had to go buy a water belt, figure out how to space my water refill stops on my run, pick out an energy gel/chew, and figure out how to eat the day before a long run. Recovery was not something I thought I’d have to read about, but I guess that’s my next research topic. I have learned that I love Honey Stinger Organic Energy Chews (pomegranate flavor was awesome)  and that I should probably rest more after and the day after my long run. Working a 6 hour shift in retail the same day as my 14 miler is probably not the best choice for my legs. I also really love practicing after I run (after I shower of course) because my arms feel very loose and I’ve lost a lot of tension in my right shoulder especially. I am also trying to apply some things I’ve learned in my bass playing to my running, particularly when it pertains to the natural movement of my joints. Finally, I’m getting a hang on the nutritional aspect of a runner’s world – although I did gain a few lbs in Italy, the amped up training schedule and sticking to my veggies should knock those and then some back off.

Oh – and to be honest… I really feel like a “runner” now.


Mileage – 6 miles

QOD – Find your strong.


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