Nike+ Sportband?!

For my birthday (which was, yes, forever ago) my awesome boyfriend Allen got me this really cool sportband that has a sensor you put in your shoe, which is supposed to be a Nike+ very expensive shoe that I wouldn’t waste my money one, but  anyways the sensor tracks mileage, total time, calories, and calculates your pace and you can see it all while your running! It’s slim and light weight and barely noticeable, which is nice because I really hate running with any jewelry on. Today was my first day of using it! I lost my headphones yet again, which is good cuz it puts me back on the running silently track, and I decided to try out putting the sensor under the tongue of my shoe for some extra motivation. IT WAS AWESOME! I loved being able to see my pace, time, and distance. And the actual watch part is a USB that can be plugged into the computer and all the data from each run is uploaded into a neat program for me to see, save, and  look back to later.

Seeing my pace, I learned that I actually run faster than I think I do most of the time on short runs. I think this will really help me regulate my pace on long runs so I don’t tire myself out, or train at a pace that could prevent me from finishing the marathon (which by the way is in less than 5 months!!). Time is nice because I actually know the exact time I start and finish, rather than forgetting what the kitchen or gym wall clock said right before I ran out. Distance is great too, because while I do use map my run to get a general feel of how much I’m running, I kinda use the straight line method rather than mapping the curves or cul-de-sacs that I run around and I definitely didn’t have an accurate feel before now.

So, thank  you Allen, that was a great gift for me!  Sorry I waited so long…but now I’ll use it on every run 🙂


Mileage – 4.06 miles

QOD – Physical fitness can neither be achieved by wishful thinking nor outright purchase.


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