The Treadmill Returns.

HELLOOOOO THERE!  (Mrs. Doubtfire reference…saw it channel surfing today). Anyways, battling my summer cold hasn’t put too much of a damper on my running, but the allergies are definitely no fun. Today, I had to struggle on the treadmill because I opened at the gym, meaning it was already 85 degrees when I got off work, and NO WAY IN HELL will I be running in that. I could’ve potential run at night, but I’m on call at Aero (on-call ruins almost all planning possibilities) and if I had to work, it would be way too late to run alone!

This week is a light week, so I give my hard-working joints a rest, so I’ve been looking at some alternative work-outs to keep the lbs off (maybe even lose 1 or 2) that will help, rather than hinder, my running training. Tomorrow I’ll be cycling and taking a flow-yoga class. Yoga is my new best friend. I loved it before I started running, but now it is the best way for me to stretch out and work on relieving the tension in my  right shoulder – the knot there is firmly established and continues to bug me during bass playing and running.  If I’m not working tonight I will be taking yoga tonight to stretch it out after 2 shifts on my feet at the gym.


Mileage – 4 miles

QOD – Those who think they have not time for bodily exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness.


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