Who Run the World? Girls.

Hey all!! Long time no type I know. But still been making some good progress over here. This weekend I was teaching at JMU’s Spring String Thing, so not much time to lace up, but all last week (despite my absence from the internet) I was still pounding away at the pavement. Work is getting much more frequent, which is both good and bad, but that means I’ve finally gotten to the time of year where I have to get out there before the sun rises. Today I hit up Centennial Lake for a few laps around and the sections where trees weren’t protecting me, even at a breezy 75 degrees, the sun was really beating down.

New favorite running song (or work-out song) for all my badass babe readers – Who Run the World? (Girls) – by my favorite – Beyonce. it is super empowering to sweat it out to and she’s got an awesome point ladies haha! So I have been working on this binder of magazine articles for over a year now and its called “The Great Big Book of Life”. I have a bunch of sections of different articles – Food/Recipes, Beauty, Home, Happiness/Mental Health, Fitness. I’m still collecting, of course, but tomorrow night I’ll finally begin trying out all the recipes I’ve been collecting for months. I hope to try a lot of them this summer, especially because almost all of them are from health or fitness  magazines and will definitely help with running and losing weight. Grilled Shimp Fajitas with Avacado, Simmer Baked Beans, and maybe some Cilantro Lime Rice.

Mileage – 5 miles

QOD – “Who run the world? Girls !”


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