Asphalt vs Concrete

So road warriors, the phrase “pound the pavement” gets tossed around but all of you and I  know, when we’re driving and there’s that asshole in the middle of the street running you get angry and people always say HEY there’s a sidewalk DUH. But when you think about it, if people shouldn’t ever run on the road, would the “run on the side opposing traffic” rule even exist? Ironically enough runners don’t just say HEY today i’m going to be obnoxious and run on the road, it comes down to joint health and I’ve really noticed a difference!

Apparently, there is more give in asphalt for joints than concrete, which just grinds your joints into each other. I personally enjoy running on asphalt much better than concrete and lately, I have stuck to the road and I’ve noticed a big difference  in my ankles, even after long runs. So that’s probably why that guy is on the road rather than the sidewalk.

Mileage – 6miles

QOD – It hurts up to a point and then it doesn’t get any worse.


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