I’m Back!!

HELLO!!! To all my wonderful readers who have been missing me for so long… like all 6 of you… but anyways. Me and my running adventures have returned with a vengeance. Now that finals are over and my foot no longer hurts, I’m fully back in action. So to sum up, I took a week and a half break because my foot hurt, started back up a little slow again, and then ran my first organized race this weekend! How exciting right?!

The Frederick Running Festival is definitely fun and I will participate next year  (hopefully in the half-marathon). Free beers at the finish line and amazing race shirts (100% recycled, breathable polyester – how awesome is that?!) made it a great race to finish. But I’ve already decided that I do not like the starting line, without even running the mother of all crammed races (Susan G. Komen 5k in DC which I run next month with Allen!). I don’t like how we feel like herded animals and everyone is so crushed and it makes me feel very anxious and claustrophobic. Not a fan. But the best part of the race was running with my dad! And we kicked ass in the race!!

Congratulations Sarah Favinger on finishing the Frederick Running Festival 5K 5K on May 07, 2011.  For your records, the weather that day was sunny, 71 degrees F, West wind 12 mph.

There were 52 finishers in the Women 20 to 24 age group and 985 finishers in the race.

Your overall finish place was 234, your age group finish place was 8 and your gender finish place was 109.  Your time of 28:51.21 gave you a  9:18 min/mile pace.

We even ran faster in the 2nd half than the first… jumping down to an 8:50 pace!! SO that was pretty fun, definitely won’t be the pace of my next 5k as Allen and I wanna stick together but it’s nice to know I can do it!

And then last night I got my first long run done in 2 weeks. 8.25miles, the .25 came from when I got lost in a different neighborhood, but I just kept on running. I feel really remotivated for all the training I have to do. But no more celebrating, it’s time to look towards some more hardcore running and getting my act together for October 30th! And now that schools over…the blog shall flourish for my gigantic fanbase! 

Mileage – Rest Day! 

QOD – You cannot propel yourself forward by patting yourself on the back.


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