No more 3’s

Sunday was another 7 miler!!! 1:19!  so that is pretty exciting took a nice cold then hot bath afterwards. I was going to cycle yesterday a little bit but I decided to take  a complete rest day. But after looking through my plan I just realized I only have 1 more 3 mile run in all of my training! How upsetting. haha I guess I’m finally moving up in the world, all my short runs have turned into 4 miles.

Today I’m running with Chelsea again! Yay! a light day this week. Hopefully it won’t pour the whole time. This weather is really depressing and I’m not fond of running in cold rain or thunderstorms.

Yesterday morning I registered Dad and I to run my first official race. A 5K on his birthday!! It’s in Frederick during their running festival. The registration fee includes free beer after the run which I’ve never seen before (so Dad can celebrate and I’ll finally be 21!) I am pretty excited to run my first race with other people running as well, because I’ve really never had that experience before, which will be good to have before running the marathon in October…

Mileage – 4 miles

QOD – There is really no such thing as bad weather, just weak people.


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