Clean Eating

So  I’ve been reading up a lot on building core strength and running and keep seeing the phrase “clean eating”. I also keep reading about how it’s something I should be doing as I’m training. So tomorrow begins clean eating for me. From what I’ve gathered clean eating eliminates a lot of sodium from your diet, eliminates fried foods (of course), and means eating foods in as close to their natural form as possible. While a lot of articles and magazines give exact recipes or day by day diets to follow, none of them give explanations or ways to clean eat on your own. So I did some hunting and these are the 5 basics of clean eating that I found….

Step 1
Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Choose fresh, unprocessed foods over canned or processed products. Clean eating enthusiasts believe that we were meant to survive on fresh fruits and vegetables and that processing them reduces their nutritional value and fiber content and adds salt, fat, sugar and chemicals. Choose fruit instead of fruit juice and if you must pick a processed vegetable, frozen is always better than canned.

Step 2
Balance protein and complex carbohydrates. Incorporate whole grains like brown rice or millet over processed grains. Eat lean meats, and choose organic or grass fed meats when possible as these foods are usually clean of pesticides, hormones and additives. Grill, broil or steam your meats rather than frying.

Step 3
Avoid sodas and high calorie, sugary drinks. Follow the tenant of clean eating that aims to remove added sugars from the diet. Choose water or tea for your beverages, or juice your own fruits and vegetables and enjoy them without added sugars or preservatives.

Step 4
Trade bad fats for good fats. One of the most important aspects of clean eating is removing saturated fats from the diet. Lower your saturated fat intake by avoiding fast food, choosing lean cuts of meat and getting your fat calories from foods like nuts and fatty fish.

Step 5
Eat several small meals to keep blood sugar stable and to avoid overeating. Choose snacks like nuts, low-fat or fat free dairy and fruits and vegetables. Note that some people who live a clean eating lifestyle don’t eat dairy products while others adapt clean eating to a vegetarian lifestyle.


The hardest thing about this plan will be eliminating useless carbs and incorporating complex carbs… I hope to continue losing some weight while running and adjusting to this new eating lifestyle. today is a short run, the first since the big long run, hopefully I’ll make it just fine.

Mileage – 3miles

QOD – If you want what you do not have, you must do what you have not done.


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