Little Sore.

Yesterday I ran my first 7 miler. Ever. It was super intense. I hit a great runner’s high around mile 5 and the last 2 felt like a breeze, even when the last mile started with a HUGE hill. But I’ve heard adrenaline can really push you to have an easier first time out on long runs than you normally would as you continue to do more distance runs. I ran about a 12 minute mile the whole time which I am hopeful will continue to get faster as I do speed and hill training.

Currently I am very sore… My back is actually the most wrecked part of me. I did soak my legs in cold water last night right after my run, which I’ve heard helps constrict blood vessels and speed up recovery. I think some yoga this afternoon in the sun will stretch everything out and get my body back in good working order haha. No injuries yet…knock on wood.

Shorter milage for the rest of this week, until next Sunday with that same 7 miles. hooray!!

Mileage – REST day. much needed

QOD – I know every mile will be worth my mile…I can go the distance!


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