Eating to Run

“So you want to be a runner? Well you have to eat like a runner.” That’s what I keep hearing…. but what do runners eat? The first thing that everyone says is “carbs”. Well Carbs are my arch nemesis. I have a very difficult relationship with carbs….there are so many different issues relating to carbs, such as:

~good vs bad

~fiber vs sugar

~white vs whole grain vs whole wheat vs multigrain vs another substance

~eating carbs makes you want to eat more, puts you in a bad mood, or makes you tired after the crash

~carbs make a lot of people gain weight

So how do you really know what to eat while training for a big run to maintain your energy, your weight, and your mood?

Well thankfully Runner’s World has recently put out a magazine on how to lose weight while running. But there has to be more sources out there on how to do this… I haven’t done much research yet but this is an issue that I’ve been struggling with lately. I never know how far before running to eat or what to eat, or what to eat after I run. Does the distance  your running in a day change your eating schedule? Definitely something I need to look into.

Mileage – 2 miles of hill speedwork and 1 mile of interval walk/sprints

QOD – My feeling is that any day I am too busy to run is a day that I am too busy.


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