What exactly does REST mean??

So what’s in a “REST DAY”? Do you really have to abstain from any form of exercise or can you go for a gentle bike ride or cruise on the elliptical for a little while?

I have read about certain types of exercise that are definite no-go’s for runners, anything high impact for sure. I was going to try Zumba last week on a rest day and then I read that “high-impact dance aerobics” is something not to do while training for running.

I understand that swimming, cycling, and the elliptical are all great ways to still keep yourself moving because they are easy on your joints. But are these not to be done on rest days? How many days of complete rest do you actually need in a week? So I did some research. And here’s what I’ve established.

1) Rest days are meant to allow your body to recover from your runs, so if your body isn’t wanting rest you may want to push yourself harder on your running days.

2) Some low impact work is okay on rest days, particularly early on in training.

3) The higher the mileage you are running in a week, the more recovery time you will need, so really devote rest days to actually resting!

4) Make sure whatever work-out you are taking on has purpose in your training plan.

I got a lot of this information from Marathon Training websites and Running Advice and News on this blog site! So now I know I will be taking more time to rest on my actual rest days and really protecting my joints!


Mileage – Rest day!

QOD – If you want to run, run a mile. If you want to experience another life… run a marathon.


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