Well, here goes!

After nearly 21 years of life…I’m about to tackle my craziest project yet…. Run a marathon.

Sure people do it all the time, but coming from someone who used to ask their mom to get the doctor to test them for asthma, it’s certainly a surprise. But as my father wisely said (again and again) “You don’t have asthma, you’re just out of shape.” Several years ago I took my dad’s words to heart and picked up his pastime of running. July of 2010 has been the peak of my running career thus far – 7.5 miles, a quarter of my new goal. But it was exhilarating, an adrenaline rush, a sense of accomplishment because it was something I alone controlled. Ever since, the thought of running a major race has been tugging at me.

I waited for awhile for many reasons,  ranging from I wanted to make sure I would have time to devote to the run – to -I wanted it to be in a good time of the year. But the biggest reason I waited was that I wanted to get in better shape first. Running this marathon is a step in a process to becoming the healthiest-me I can be. I’ve shed 20 lbs, and from reading and researching I know that running may not help you lose a lot of weight (you get pretty toned though!), so I wanted to get rid of the excess first. Especially with running a marathon, you can’t live on a greens only diet and expect to be able to have the energy to run. So here’s to my heart health and a strong core!

But the most intriguing part of this process will be balancing the running and the practicing. My bass is a monster of an instrument, physically demanding to play, even exhausting at times, so how will the running affect my playing? Hopefully not at all – or even in a positive way! I’m going to battle the exhaustion, soreness, and mental frustration with some yoga and breathing. A few friends, running partners, and well deserved breaks along the way will make the adventure just as meaningful as crossing that finish line.

Thanks Chelsea Cockburn….if it weren’t for you I may not have clicked that “Pay Now” button!


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